Spa Jet Issues
Removal of Standard Spa Jets
Spa Jet Cleaning
You Should Remove and clean your spa jets at least 2 times a year, the simplest
way to clean your spa jets is to remove the jet inserts from the spa and soak
them in a bowl of white vinegar overnight.

The vinegar will soften the lime scale build up on the spa jets. After soaking
overnight simply us a brush to clean them and then rinse them thoroughly and
reset in the Spa.

If you wish not to use Vinegar you may use Spa Jet Clean made by Leisure Time.

You should also use a Spa Flush in your Spa
at least one time per year.
Spa Jets will Not Turn
Do you hear the pump running?
Listen for the sound of the motor.
If the pump is not running, try pushing the jets button on the topside.

Is the pump that flows to these jets on high speed?
If the pump that supplies water to the jets is not on high speed, there won’t be
enough water to operate the jets.
Press the jets button to activate the pump on high speed.

Is the jet housing turned all the way on?
Rotate outer jet insert housing to turn jet on.

Is the water flow valve diverting water flow to this group of jets?
Diverter valves direct water towards the jets to allow water flow to reach them.
Depending on the model, your spa may have one or more of these diverter
Experiment by turning the handle on the valves to see where the water goes.
Some of the jets pop out
Are the jets being turned past their attachment point?
The jet inserts are designed to come out if you rotate them past a certain point especially with the pumps
on high speed.
To help prevent this, teach people using the spa not to play with the jets. Turn them to the stopping point
only-not past.

Are the jet inserts clipped in all the way?
By pushing in on the jet insert, you should hear a click. This indicates that the insert is installed all the way
into position.
If there is no click, the jet is in the wrong way and will pop out.

Have there been any chemical issues to weaken the jet inserts?
If the jets are subjected to extreme chemical conditions or abuse, they will weaken and fail.
The jet insert will have to be replaced.

Is the correct jet insert used?
If the insert is the wrong size or type for the jet body, it will not stay in place.
Change the insert to the correct size or type. Note: Many Inserts look alike and have the same size face.
The nozzle in the back is where the clips are located and is what has to match the jet body
The Spa Jet insert will Not Spin
Is the jet insert turned on all the way?
On many spinner type jets, there is a certain water flow that must be present to make the jet insert spin.
If the jet insert is not turned on all the way, or a diverter valve is not allowing full water flow to that particular
jet insert, the spinning action will not be achieved or will be intermittent.
Establish water flow at full pressure to the jet insert for optimum performance.

Does the jet contain a spinning type jet insert?
Jet inserts come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. Spinner jets usually have an internal
component that spins or causes the water to spin.
If the jet insert does not have that component, the jet will produce water flow but not the spinning action
that is usually associated with spinner jets.
Change the jet insert to a spinner type of insert (if applicable) to achieve spinning action.

Is there intermittent spinning action?
If the spinner insert hangs up or spins slowly, it is probably due to debris in the spinner insert.
Remove the jet insert and clean the debris out of the spinning mechanism. Use a spray hose to spray out
grit from inside the insert. If it still turns intermittently, the insert will have to be replaced.
Long hair or lint can also wind up around the shaft of the spinning insert and cause a slowdown in spinning
Turn the insert shaft counter-clockwise to unwind hair and long debris. Replace insert if necessary.
Spa Jets Lose Pressure
Some jets are not as powerful as they used to be

Check to see if the air venturi is opened. On all spas, the mixture of air and water makes the jets powerful.

If the air is not added or is taken away, the jets will lose some of their force.

Make sure the air venturi is turned on.

If the jet has an obstruction, remove it to allow full flow
This Section Covers:
  • Spa Jet Cleaning
  • Spa jets will Not Turn
  • Some of the jets pop out
  • Spa Jet insert don't Spin
  • Spa Jets Lose Pressure
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