Does the pump shaft turn?

If NO, causes include:
Something could be stuck in the impeller. Take the wet end apart • and remove
Bearings may have locked up. If so, you will need to replace the pump / motor
Ice in the wet end. If the weather is freezing, you need to allow it to thaw then
retry pump.

If YES, causes include:
Faulty capacitor. Change out the pump / motor assembly.
Faulty motor switch. Change out the pump / motor assembly.
Incorrect voltage. Make sure incoming voltage is correct
Pump makes a loud noise

Does the pump make a grinding noise?

If pump - motor assembly is older, replace the bearings or replace the pump /
motor assembly
The impeller could be broken. If there is no water flow into spa, check impeller. If
the impeller is broken, replace it with a new one.
There may be an obstruction in wet end. Foreign objects will grind against
impeller. Open wet end and remove object.

Does the pump make a squealing or high pitched sound?

Check whether something is rubbing against the shaft. Inspect the shaft by the
pump and remove any foreign objects.
Check for incorrect voltage. Too high voltage can make motor run too fast.
Check voltage and correct
Pump runs but water does not flow

Causes may include:
Pump is “air locked” See the Air Lock Section

Gate valves are closed. Pull up to open all the way to allow water to flow to pump.

Jets are turned off. Rotate jet inserts into the open position

Dirty or clogged filter. Clean filter or replace with new cartridge.

Impeller may be broken. Change defective impeller with new one.

Clogged pump. During fall, leaves can clog the pump. Clean out the pump and

Obstruction in the line. If the drain line gets clogged, the pump cannot get water.
Check for obstruction and remove
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This Section Covers Spa Pump Issues
Pump turns on and off frequently

When spa is in standard mode, if the pump turns on and off frequently, the sensor is trying to maintain the
spa’s temperature.
The water temperature sensor is +/- 1 degree accurate.
Switch to economy mode or check sensor for proper water sensor placement and insulation.
Pump runs Constantly

The circuit board may have been changed out recently. One of the most common mistakes during a circuit
board change out is a sensor that is plugged into the wrong place.
If another sensor is plugged into the freeze sensor point, the pumps will run constantly until the wrong
plug-in is corrected.
Check plug placement and change to proper pin.
If there was freezing weather during the delivery, the hi-limit / freeze sensor may have detected a possible
freeze condition and activated freeze control.
All pumps will continue to run on high speed until the freeze condition passes.
During this time, there will be no topside control over the pumps.
When the freeze condition passes, the pumps will automatically shut down and topside control will be
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