Air Venturi Troubleshooting Section
Nothing happens when air venturi is opened

How old is the spa?
The age of the spa will determine the location and type of the air venturi and
attached components.
This information is vital to troubleshooting the problem.

Is the air venturi attached to the jets that are flowing?
If the spa has multiple air venturis, make sure that the one that you think is
the problem is actually attached to the jets with no venturi.
Check by turning off and on all venturis to determine which goes where.

Does the air venturi have water coming out of it?
On older spas, when there was a blockage at the jet (for instance an acorn)
the water flow would hit the blockage and reverse direction. The water would
flow out of the air venturi as it was the path of least resistance.
Remove the obstruction to re-establish water flow to the jet. This will also
create the venturi effect and re-establish the air flow.
Another common scenario for older hot tubs was the gaskets used to
separate water and air would fail. When this happens, the water would come
out of the air venturi.
The repair calls for the gaskets to be replaced or new jets need to be installed.

Is there suction from the top of the air venturi?
Make sure that the air venturi has suction.
Unscrew or pop the top off the air venture and feel or listen  for air suction.
If you can’t determine if it is working, blow into the air venturi  and watch where
the bubbles come out.
This will also dislodge any foreign objects that have gotten into the air venturi
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