Method of Removal

1. Turn off power to the spa at the
2. Drain the spa or close the gate
valves (if equipped).
3. Disconnect clear tubing from the wet
4. Loosen the unions from the suction
and return.
5. Disconnect ground wire and unplug
the pump.
6. Remove the attachment bolts. 6.
Once the bolts are removed, the pump
should come out easily.
Method of Installation

1. Install pump in the same location as the original. Connect the suction and the
return unions on the pump, making sure they are tight to prevent leaks. (Note:
Take care not to pinch the O-ring gasket.)
2. Reattach the clear tubing,
3. Refill the spa and prime the pump by the bleeder valve or by the unions to
release the air from the lines.
4. Reattach the ground wire and plug the pump back in.
5. Power up the spa
Suction Union
Return Union
Spa Pump Replacement
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