Topside Controls Troubleshooting Section
No message or lights on control panel
Possible Causes Can Include:

Topside panel not plugged in.
Check connection point to make sure connection is tight.

Wrong topside control panel.
Make sure topside is common to equipment being controlled.

Topside control panel wire is damaged.
Check entire wire for damage. Rodents only need to bite the wire to make the
topside defective. Replace topside if necessary.

Topside control has no power.
Make sure incoming power is correct to spa. Plug in known good topside. If new
topside works, replace topside. If not, check transformer. If transformer is good,
replace circuit board.

Numbers are missing or blank
Check to make sure connection is clean, moisture and dirt will create problems
with the readout. Clean them carefully and re-plug topside back in.

Can’t read control panel at night
If topside has backlights, they may be burned out and need to be replaced.

Readout flickers during operation
Check for voltage problems, especially low voltage.
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