Spa Pump Seal Replacement
Spa Pump Seal Replacement Dually Spa Pump
1. Unloosen bolts and
removing wet end
2. With two pairs of channel locks,
grab each impeller and turn the left
side away from you and the right side
towards you
3. Once you have removed one side of the impeller, carefully grab hold of the
shaft to remove the other side. Mark each impeller to note which side it came.
4. Remove the front cover and the impeller, then remove the four bolts for the
spacer that holds the inner wet end housing.
5. When you have removed all of the bolts, slide the inner housing out of the
shaft. Remove the lock ring behind the inner wet end
6. Using a socket the
same size as the seal,
carefully pop the seal out.
7. Slide the new seal in position, making sure it is installed evenly in its location
8. After replacing the
seals, follow steps 1
through 5 in reverse to
reinstall the wet ends
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